Thirty-One days of THANKS


I'm so grateful you're here!

Whether you are going through a devotional, starting a new course, or doing an online Bible study my one desire is for you to find encouragement for the very moment you are in.

The safest place to be is right here in the present. It is where God can effectively move in your life helping you to ground and find the peace, strength, and joy you need to continue on this Jesus journey!

Be encouraged today! Seek peace and pursue it!

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Encourage Yourself


This free 10 day plan is based off a blog post I wrote in early 2013. It’s for anyone who needs to be encouraged beca...

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Le Hair Struggle

$6.99 USD

This seven day devotion is the encouragement someone needs to begin dealing with the mess that they have been hiding ...

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Declarations: Speaking life into our own

$1.99 USD

This is a 7-Day audio devotion created to simply speak life into the Child of God. With all of the negativity we face...

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Take Your Joy, Peace, And Life To The Next Level !

Every day isn't always cupcakes and rainbows, but with the right guidance, it won't even matter!

Let me help you overcome anxiety, depression, overwhelm, or that recent transition!

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Looking for a reason to praise?

I've got THIRTY-ONE!

Look, life can be rough sometimes. Let me help you encourage yourself!
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