Le Hair Struggle

This seven day devotion is the encouragement someone needs to begin dealing with the mess that they have been hiding within. The devil is a tricky one, we will begin the healing process and then he plants a thought that causes us to turn around as if we aren’t ready to experience the freedom that was promised to us in God's word. Let me tell you child of God...You’re ready! And this devotion's job is to get you to realize that very thing no matter how scary it may seem! You are ready to walk in the freedom of Christ! Start this devotion today!

What this course includes:

  • Daily Encouragement Video (7): Each video gives you a Scripture to meditate on for the day that will assist you in making progress towards your daily goals
  • Daily Posts for 7 days: These posts will encourage you by taking you on the journey of the struggles I have with my hair when I don’t tend to it the way I should.
  • Daily goals: These goals are created to encourage you to move forward in dealing with the inner struggles that we have become so great at hiding!