The PRAISE PARTY starts January 1, 2018

Start the year off the right way! THIRTY-ONE days of THANKS starts soon!









You are invited to join me for 31 days of awesomeness!


Get Encouraged!

Spend a month with me and find THIRTY-ONE reasons to praise that help you find peace and decrease anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and the stress of everyday life!

No matter how awesome of a mother, business owner, lover, friend, student, comedian, pastor, artist you are…


And sometimes those happenings can be rough!

We have a choice to let the stressors of life transitions get the best of us, or to wreck through them like the powerfully awesome people we are!

Like I said, life happens! I want to ensure that you are praised up as it does! If we can do that, God promises that there are some things we have access to!

In this FREE praise experience we will use the book Thirty-One Reasons to Praise: Because life gets rough sometimes.

It can be purchased from:

Amazon or

How it works: Every day will align with the devotion in the book. We will be sharing what triggers us to be grateful from each one!

Each day you show up, we ask that you:

♥ Share what you are grateful for with the group.

♥ Encourage each other

♥ Be respectful

This is an awesome way for us to go through the book together, even if you already have ;)

Invite a friend (if they desire) and let’s find our reasons to praise together!

""Awesome message as I continue to practice the "WAIT"!!! During my waiting I continue to ask God to continue to WORK on me which is why this so helpful. Work on me spiritually, personally, and professionally!!! Restore me in those areas so that I can do his will not my will!! Love ya Sis and I am grateful for you, this book and this journey!!! Have a great day!!!”"

November 2016

""All of these (32) reasons to praise were awesome reminders of God's love toward us. Thank you for Thirty-One Reasons to Praise. Min. Melanie Lee, you are blessed. I thank God for you and your obedience.”"

December 2016

""Thanks for being committed to encourage us.”"

November, 2016

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Looking for a reason to praise?

I've got THIRTY-ONE!

Life can be rough sometimes. Let me help you encourage yourself!

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What are you waiting for?!

This is an awesome way for us to go through the book together!

As we head into this new month I want to focus our thoughts on Christ! What better way, than to do that with a community of people all focused on the same thing?

Whether you’re in the best season or your life or silently suffering in one of the worst,


We need to have a safe place where we are reminded to keep the joy in our hearts by focusing on our God-given reasons to praise!

Ok, now that’s enough! Join the party now! We start January 1, 2018


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